The Best Convection Microwaves?

Convection microwaves are a unique combination of a standard microwave and a convection oven. This unique kitchen appliance allows the food to be either microwaved or cooked convection style where it will be browned or crisped to perfection. The result is a delicious meal, similar to what you could prepare in your standard oven but with a faster cook time. It is not uncommon to cook an entire chicken or even bake a birthday cake inside this versatile product. Just think about the different meal possibilities this opens up.

Here at we have done the research for you. We compare all the popular models from such companies as GE, Frigidaire, Sharp, and Cuisinart so you can find the best one for your home cooking needs. Browse through our reviews for detailed specifications and be sure to visit our blog from time to time for other posts regarding microwaves and other cooking related topics.

Our Top Rated Choices


Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Microwave Cuisinart CMW-200
The Cuisinart CMW-200 convection microwave oven and grill comes complete with the ability to not only microwave like a standard model but also to brown foods like a regular oven. The simple to read digital LCD display offers single as well as combinations settings, while the 1.2 cubic feet of interior space is capable of holding full sized dishes with room to spare.
Frigidaire Gallery Convection Over-The-Range Microwave Oven Frigidaire Gallery 1.5 Cu. Ft. OTR
The Gallery 1.5 cubic foot model from Frigidaire comes with built in convection cooking to allow you to easily brown your meals in the microwave with the touch of a single button. It is called an over-the-range model, which means it will mount up directly over your standard oven. This means you won’t have to worry about taking up excess counter space in your kitchen, where it is likely at a premium.
GE Profile Over-The-Range Convection Microwave GE Profile Over-The-Range
The Profile is another over-the-range microwave from GE that also comes with convection cooking ability. This model comes with four different cooking options that includes convection as well as a Fast Bake setting. No matter what type of food you are heating up, the Profile will do a great job preserving the flavor. In addition to these options you also get 2 racks and sensor settings to make sure nothing gets over cooked.
LG LMVH1711ST Convection Microwave LG LMVH1711ST Over-The-Range
The LMVH1711ST over-the-range microwave from LG comes with various timer functions as well as sensor cooking to help make sure you don’t burn any of the food. And in addition to this, you get convection cooking for baking and roasting those entire meals to a perfect brown. Have it installed over your standard oven to free up your counter space for cutting, chopping, or any other food preparation tasks you have.
Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige Convection Microwave Oven Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige
The Panasonic NN-CD989S Prestige is a highly advanced model that sits on your counter, yet it still comes with a generous 1.5 cubic feet of interior space. It has convection cooking so it functions like a full sized oven but in a much smaller package. You also get turbo defrost which really speeds up your food preparation time. While it isn’t the cheapest of microwaves it is certainly one of the best in this price range.
Sharp SuperSteam Convection Microwave Sharp SuperSteam
The Sharp SuperSteam convection microwave is also a very versatile steamer. You can prepare a wide variety of dishes in a much healthier manner, while preserving those healthy nutrients. Additionally, you can install it in a 30 inch wall oven cabinet using their built-in kit. Sharp really put a lot of thought into the design of this model and it has become one of their most popular offerings.
Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range
The Sharp R-1874 is an over-the-range combination convection and microwave that will make your cooking and baking jobs much simpler, without taking up space in your kitchen. This model mounts directly over your standard oven and comes with a built-in exhaust fan. You also get 12 different convection/heating settings for just about anything you need to bake or heat up.