Sharp SuperSteam Convection Microwave Sharp SuperSteam
The Sharp SuperSteam is a very versatile steaming and convection style microwave oven. You can cook a wide variety of foods in a wide variety of ways. Plus, you can install it in a 30 inch wall oven cabinet using their built-in kit. Sharp really put a lot of thought into the design of this model and it has become one of their most popular offerings.
Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Sharp R-1874 Over-The-Range
The Sharp R-1874 is an over-the-range convection model that will make your general cooking and baking tasks much easier, without taking up space in your kitchen. It mounts directly over your standard oven and comes with a built-in exhaust fan. Plus, you get 12 different convection/heating settings for just about anything you need to heat up or bake.
Sharp R-1880 Over-The-Range Convection Microwave Sharp R-1880LS Over-The-Range
The Sharp R-1880 is an over-the-range convection that brings a lot of cooking ability into a compact and sleek design. It comes with a spacious interior, a carousel turntable, and sensor technology so the odds of you burning anything are much lower. Plus you can bake or brown foods when you use the convection settings. This versatility is what makes it one of the most popular microwaves in their lineup.
Sharp R-930 Convection Microwave Oven Sharp R-930
The Sharp R-930 is an easy to use microwave with 4 different convection cooking settings as well as sensor technology to help you cook your foods to perfection. The interactive LCD console is very intuitive for anybody to use. Plus it has 1.5 cubic feet of interior space so you can fit large dishes or whole meals neatly inside.
Sharp R-820JS Grill 2 Convection Microwave Sharp R-820JS
The Sharp R-820JS Grill 2 Convection not only has 900 watt convection cooking but it also comes with “double” grills that will put heat over and under the food. This gives a more complete heating so the food ends up cooked completely through. The R-820JS comes with a stainless steel interior, rotating turntable, 11 power levels, and much more.